Op-Ed: Bring families out of poverty

by Sr. Gemma Dunn, CSM for Sister of St. Martha Leadership Team

We are writing to support the implementation of the basic income guarantee (BIG) for our province of P.E.I., giving universal access to Islanders living below the poverty line. We believe that we have about 40 per cent of our population at any given time struggling below livable income or close to the edge. Many grassroots people have been telling us these facts over recent years. We believe our politicians are aware of what poverty does to people and to the country. Such a BIG model will result in bringing all low-income people and families out of poverty.

We urge our P.E.I. MPs to do whatever needs to be done to sit down together federal representatives to meet with our provincial leaders to work out a plan and to include the voices of the people as active participants. We support the work of the P.E.I. Working Group for a Livable Income.


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