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Motion 46

On 10 August 2020, NDP MP Leah Gazan submitted a motion to convert the federal CERB benefit to a permanent Guaranteed Livable Basic Income. The motion comes out of a collaborative effort with Basic Income Manitoba and the Basic Income Canada Network. Read the full text of M-46.

Sign a petition to the House of Commons in support of Motion 46.

Tell your MP to support Motion 46.

Bill C-273

Read Bill C-273 here.

From Basic Income Canada:

“Both M-46 and C-273 are very important to get the action we want and need. Motions and private members bills are different vehicles. In this case the content also has differences.

M-46 focuses on key elements of design, for example to ensure the basic income is unconditional, inclusive, works in synergy with public services, and that people are not expected to cover specialized needs from a basic income.

C-273 puts its emphasis on the kind of government accountabilities, structures and processes necessary to put a basic income in place, such as designating responsibility to the Finance Minister and establishing a national standards framework.

M-46 and C-273 also have elements in common. They call for national implementation, federal leadership, and the engagement of provincial and territorial governments as well as stakeholders. They serve to generate public attention as well as dialogue, debate and understanding among those elected to serve Canadians and whose decisions affect our lives.” (Read BICN’s full analysis here).

Sign UBI Works’ petition in support of Bill C-273.