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Why Basic Income? This video was created for community forums on basic income. Living in poverty in Prince Edward Island is not pretty, and it is not necessary. Hear the voices of Prince Edward Island women talking about their experience living in low income. See photos of “our reality” taken by Prince Edward Island women who are seeking a good livelihood. Find out why we need a basic income guarantee for Prince Edward Island. With thanks to Basic Income promoter Rob Rainer for quotations from women and Women’s Network PEI Paths to Prosperity Community Changers for their photos.

Articles and Letters to the Editor:

17 December 2020: Open Letter to Premier King: In support of the final report of the Special Committee on Poverty in PEI

4 May 2020: Let’s not go back to normal

31 March 2020: Coronavirus financial crisis: nothing new for many

13 July 2019: Basic Income Guarantee: Let’s just do it

11 July 2019: Basic Income Guarantee an Equitable Solution for Poverty

February 2017: BIG Agreement on Basic Income in the Legislature

February 2017: Seniors and Basic Income Guarantee

February 2017: A BIG Difference Possible in the Lives of People with Disabilities

February 2017: The Canada Child Benefit: A Basic Income Guarantee for Families?

16 March 2015: What’s In a Name?

8 April 2014: Premier Ghiz and Basic Income Guarantee (BIG)

20 December 2013: Addressing Poverty on PEI / Combattre la pauvreté à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard